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Who We Are 

Bridges Pointe, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit community-based organization that has been in existence since 1996. Bridges Pointe, Inc. was organized by staff and volunteers associated with the Duke University Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center. Bridges Pointe, Inc. is an official member of the SCDAA-Durham Chapter and is recognized as the NC Triangle area community-based sickle cell agency.  


Our Mission 

The mission of Bridges Pointe, Inc. is to promote the development of supportive services for individuals with sickle cell disease (SCd): to empower them for independent living: and to enhance the quality of their social and economic lives. 


What We Do 

We strive to maintain a community-wide awareness of sickle cell disease and its devastating impact in the lives of individuals affected by this disease as well as risk factors associated with sickle cell trait. We provide social support, advocacy for health care services, and sickle cell education. Our organization also collaborates with local agencies to assist in the identification of community resources. 


Through collaboration with the Durham Land Trustees, Bridges Pointe, Inc. provides housing apartments for adults with SCd. Other collaborators include the Duke Children's Hospital, the Duke Sickle Cell Comprehensive Center, the Durham County Sickle Cell support group, the Wake County Sickle Cell support group, the North Carolina Sickle Cell Syndrome Program, and sickle cell agencies across the state.  


Who We Serve 

Bridges Pointe’s target group is adults and children living with sickle cell disease. Our services are extended to caregivers and families affected by this disease.  


Information & Resources

Client Assistance

Bridges Pointe Apartments

Care Coordination

Peer & Social Support


Education & Awareness

Blood Drives



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