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Welcome to the Youth Corner of Bridges Pointe, Inc. We strongly believe in serving and empowering individuals of all ages, this includes our youth. The Youth's Corner provides our youth with information and resources that are beneficial to helping their journey with Sickle Cell. Our services focus on empowering youth and giving them the necessary tools to become strong individuals. 





PCORI ST3P-UP Study (Youth Transition to Adult Care)

As a community-based organization, we partner with the Duke Sickle Cell Comprehensive Clinic to participate in a study about how to support young adults with sickle cell disease as they prepare for transitioning to adult care. Contact us to sign-up!  include flyer for recruitment here


Duke Monthly Pediatric SCD Transition Program Support Group Meetings

We periodically present Sickle Cell educational topics at the Duke Monthly Pediatric SCD Transition Program Group Meetings to engage with the patient population, teens and families. Activities during the meetings include games, education, resources, support and real talk about living with sickle cell. For more information please contact Vivian Lewis, Email:


The Healthy Transition Incentive Program

The program is a transitional program for pediatric age and young adults with Sickle Cell Disease. The 12-month yearly engagement program is designed to emphasize the elements of patient engagement which include collaboration, goals, listening, treatment, respect, and empowerment. Youth, who are upcoming leaders in our society, can be a part of an engagement program that has an influence on their growth as a patient within the following areas: diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease, Education, Health, Employment, and Community interaction that supports self-advocacy.


NCCU Sickle Cell awareness presentations for college students

Bridges presents a panel of individuals with Sickle Cell to share their experiences to educate NCCU students about living with sickle cell and its complications. The awareness is presented both live and recorded to reach classroom audiences.



Gift Card

Incentive Program

The exCell incentive program would include gift cards from various In/Online stores, laptops, and a chance to become a leadership advisor for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) community. Just to name a few! The exCell program will focus on youth engagement regarding SCD diagnoses, Medical, Health Insurance, Navigating School, and Navigating Employment. Therefore, you will be provided the opportunity to participate in interactive community events/activities that support self-advocacy throughout your journey. In addition, a virtual App will be used to track your progress.

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